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A Match Made in Heaven

February 4, 2009

Mitten finds a potential partner….

Nereid Fingerless GlovesPattern here, © Denise Sutherland. Next time, if I make them again, I’m going to make them with this shorter version.  I’m working these on size 2 dpns, with Dream in Color’s  Handpainted Smooshy Sock Yarn.

It’s been a busy week, here’s some places I’ve spotted my items online, thank you all!!!  These are some great sites, take a look:

And one more link….I’m not featured, but I did leave a comment here: ToolGuyd’s Practical Valentine's Day Gifts – what do you think?

***Update! 2/11 – Finished photos can be found here.  They look great!!!***


  1. Those are some beautiful knit fans in your Pomatomas'!

  2. These gloves look really nice, and I was just wandering how many stitches you knitted them on, it looks like 48,

    thanks Manak :)

  3. Manak, You're right! I did cast on 48 & noted some other changes here on ravelry.


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