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“H” is for Heart

February 28, 2009
Thanks to MyGurumi for the free Pop Heart Pattern.  Thinking of the letter of the week, I realized this is week 8 of the new year.  By the time I’m done with the alphabet, a half a year will have passed. 
Now, what to do for letter “I” ??? This is going to be a hard one.


  1. Im loving that heart! Soooo sweet!
    Can't wait to see what u come up with 'I'!
    Have a lovely merry happy sunday! Love tou you!

  2. what a fun idea, going through the alphabet with crafts. cute heart


  3. Oh, I can't take credit for it! I've been tagging along with the idea from the Craftside blog - http://craftside.typepad.com/.


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