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Game Board Jewelry Display

February 5, 2009

I am so, so pleased with this project.  I think it would look fantastic with just about any game board, too!  After last night’s posts, I made a few changes and improved it a little more. Here goes:

Tamdoll's Display

There are tile racks on the front and back now, the front are held on with the screws from the back. 

Cup hooks will hold the jewelry on the front.  On the back (sorry, the picture came out blurry), there are tiny quick nuts, (that’s what I think they’re called), holding the cup hooks on. (Without the help of my local hardware store, I would never have known what to use for these things! Thanks guys!!)  I would advice anyone doing this to wait until they have their cup hooks before drilling holes.  I was so excited about this project, I just went ahead and made the holes without  knowing how big the hooks would be and they holes I made were too big.  Before screwing everything on, I added some E6000 glue.   These were pretty sharp sticking out on the back, so I dabbed some more glue on the tips and pressed a piece of foam board over it.

Tamdoll's Display IITamdoll's Display III

It’s stable now and no screws showing, so I’m pretty happy with it! I guess I’ll have to keep making these necklaces now!

Tamdoll's Display at Apotheca Tamdoll's Scrabble Tile Charms

You can find these at Apotheca Flowers & Tea Chest.  Lots of sweet, red and pink Scrabble Tile Charm Necklaces!


  1. Love love LOVE it!! And I also love the necklaces!!

  2. That's great! I love it!

  3. Great idea - they look fab!

  4. Wow Tammy! What a great and unique idea!

  5. Thanks Judy!! I seriously can't believe that I didn't think of this sooner.

  6. cute stand - great idea!
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