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A is for…. Help me pick a name!

January 10, 2009


I was over at Craftside and decided to play along with the first 26 weeks of 2009 alphabet theme.


Crocheted monkey pattern, copyright ChimuChimu:


*Just* finished and not waiting for daylight to take a picture.  I used stash yarn, acrylic and wools and changed the pattern to be a little smaller than it was designed to be – I thought these bulky yarns would make a huge creature.  Right now this one is about 9” tall sitting up there at the top of my desk (I’ll take a less cluttered picture sometime soon). 

So, what name to give?  I’m thinking something unisex so I can figure out later how I’m going to dress it!  And … going with the “A” category.  So, here’s my narrowed down choices – I’d love to hear what you suggest (leave a comment here please). 

Adair, Adrian, Alpha, August, Avery

What shall it be? 


  1. A suggestion I got at twitter:
    Koalazul @tamdoll How about Alejandro, Auggie (Augustus), or Alistair?

  2. I like Alpha. A nice beginning! Or Augie.


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