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January 15, 2009


Can you smell it?  Just came out of the oven.  I love the smell of freshly baked bread, used to make a couple of loaves a week & haven’t done more than pizza dough in a long while.  I am a little discouraged though.  Just like my crafting, I don’t follow recipes exactly… I like to play with them a little bit.  I definitely added waaaay too much flour when mixing this one and it got very dense.  I let it do it’s 2nd rising in the fridge overnight, which I hope helps.  I’m going to have patience and wait until this evening, until it’s fully cooled, then I’ll slice it and check the inside.  It’s risen and looks good, so there’s hope that it’s not a dense mush in the middle.

So, what did I do with it?  Besides add too much flour?  I started with this recipe and added some wheat germ, a bit less butter than called for and some ground flax seed.  (Fantastic blog to subscribe to, by the way….)  Which is where things went wrong – instead of compensating for the extra ingredients, I didn’t modify the amount of flour I was adding.  And it’s very dry in the house right now.  Actually, I didn’t do this carefully at all, just threw everything into the bowl without much precision.  So, I have nobody to blame but myself.  Crossing my fingers until later….

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  1. YUMMMM. I looks (and I'm sure tastes) amazing.


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