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Ornaments at Apotheca

December 7, 2008

Inspiration & Creations:


Those are some of my little ornaments hanging on a tree over at Apotheca!  I'm so glad to be part of this magical shop in town.  Alyssa and the crew have been so gracious, indulging my compulsion to make these little ornamental treats.  There are mini-donuts, wreaths, and floating fish.

I didn't get a close-up pic of many of these completed pieces, but you can see the fish over here.  I do have some new ones in the works (because I rarely make anything twice!) and have learned the serious lesson this week, of trying not to spread myself too thin.  (Metaphorically, of course.  If I could do it physically, I'd be a size 8.)  I had so many projects started and half-done, but I couldn't finish them all.  So, I had to limit myself to what I was most interested in completing and work on those.  It's almost a relief to put things aside and work on others for a while, just focusing on a few instead of many.  Now let's see how long this lasts....

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