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December 1, 2008

I put Google Analytics on my blog a while ago and occasionally, I'll check to see what's going on over there. It maps out the traffic that comes to my blog and where it's from - it's always fun to see who links back here. I wish folks would let me know they're doing that... it's very flattering & I love to see who's visiting & reciprocate by visiting their blogs.

Here's a few I never knew about that link to me, we've got Russian, Italian, English... lots of fun!:

Coming Soon..... Updates to my new "Wearables" section of my Etsy shop.

So far, we've got one scarfette in there (is this a made-up word?) - a short neck warmer meant to be worn close to your neck and is fashionable:

Phoenix Neck Warmer

And later today, Now showing this beauty (sans pins):

Jewel Neck Warmer

This neck warmer is about 25" long, knit and crochet with mostly wool and the jewel colors are just magnificent. It's drying and blocking now, then I can take some more Crochet Closure Camouflagepictures. (See the shop for new pics or flickr). In the meantime - here's a close-up of some of the crochet buttons I created for the project.

I knew I needed a closure for the scarf since it's short, but I didn't want buttons taking away from the design. So I crocheted matching buttons and put them along the border, and added loops to the other end. Now they're a nice way of closing the scarf without adding any hardness to the edges. I made 3 rows of buttons so it can be adjusted for comfort - worn tight around a neck, or loosely gathered.

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  1. I'm working in a SEO company, and I deal with Google Analytics results every day, but seeing it for my site is brilliant. Something I discovered yesterday is woopra (woopra.com) and it offers results like google analytics, but they're live and in one place, without having to look through that many pages. If you're interested, I can tell you more about it (I sound like a marketer, but I'm just happy I found something that works for me and I want to share it :))

    Hmm... I'm linking to you, too, but Google doesn't seem to get it. (Do you use feedburner for RSS feeds?)

    Oh, and I've been meaning to say that I finally have a project for off the floor recycling. I made a little pincushion and I'll upload the pics now :)

  2. So glad to hear all this news! I'm going to check out woopra.com.
    I'm not sure what linking you're referring to, I guess I have a lot of things going on - there's the blogger "follow" stuff, the feedburner email subscriptions, rss feeds are possible, and personally, I just follow everyone in my own feedreader from feedreader.com, but I also list them in delicious - on my sidebar. Email me! (tamdoll(at)comcast(dot)net)
    I was looking at my "off the floor recycling" basket last night as I throw more and more scraps into it... must get cracking on it, too! I will look for your pics.

  3. I don't keep the blogger "followers" widget on here, because so far I only had one follower and it was so sad.

  4. Mailed you (twice, because my attention span is quite small now :))

  5. Tammy, this is a beautiful piece. And besides that, you sent me that link to that AMAZING picture of young John Travolta, and made me feel 17 again!!! If I could figure out how to laugh like Horshack in a comment, I would, but if you've ever seen the show, you get the idea!
    PS>...check me out in this month's issure of New Hampshire Magazine!!!!

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