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Why I Blog, Inspiration & Creation

November 9, 2008

I started blogging to connect with other crafters... like many people whose blogs I read, it's sometimes hard to find local people who share my passion for making things. I love to read other blogs and hearing what people think when they see one of my posts. I do often check to see if anyone's subscribed via the link on my left-sidebar, or following me on blogger.

I love your comments. Or when you click through to my flickr pics. Of course I'd like some traffic headed to my etsy shop (need ribbons? or like something I've made? go there!) But really, I blog for the connection and feedback. (I reply to comments when I can, via email, your blog, or sometimes I leave a message in a future post if I can't find a link to you.)

Recently, I've also started using my own blog more and more as a reminder, going back to see my "to-do" lists, refreshing my memory about one project or another. I guess that's just as good a reason to keep this on-line journal, too.

I'm going to start a new format for my posts, realizing that things are sometimes more scatter-brained than I'd like to reveal. Just about everything I do has an inspiration, and then I make something from it. So... that will be the new layout! Inspiration & Creation. Sometimes it's a color, sometimes a song, who knows... What I'm going for, is to help clarify some of my own thinking, working out how I get from A to B and especially for when I need to recreate some inspiration.

Inspiration: A request at Sweet Tooth Crafts caught my eye, nobody had responded, so I took up the challenge. I've been learning to crochet just so I could make cute amigurumi creatures and it's been a lot of fun.



Free pattern here. Completed and sewn together. I'm leery of embroidering the features... maybe Sweet Tooth will want to do that?


  1. I enjoyed your thoughts. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who subscribes to about 150 blogs! I love inspiration and ideas from others. And I love when people leave comments on my stuff too.
    Thanks for blogging and putting your creations out there!
    Your little doll is real sweet.

  2. Your creations are so lovely, and I'm SO IMPRESSED by this little amigurumi elf, and so so touched that you made this for me, just a crafty stranger. We will have to do a trade, and I'll send you something I make, since everyone is good at making different things and I can't crochet! (obviously). Thank you for putting your passion into the wonderful community aspect of craftyness.

  3. It was fun! Just learning how to do something, with no purpose wasn't driving me... so, maybe I was just being selfish by taking on your request?? Now I know I can do it. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Oh that's such a good idea! My blogs sometimes get bogged down in the mechanics of how I do what I do. Perhaps I should blog occasionally about what inspires me to do what I do.


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