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Twitter, Twittering, Tweet, etc...

November 30, 2008
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Why do I Twitter? Who do I follow? Why? What do you Twitter about & what do you find interesting?

Sometimes, twittering is just a way for me to talk to myself in cyberspace, like a virtual conversation. Still... I'm talking to myself. I try to avoid a lot of "Drinking coffee..." "Taking a nap..." etc. type of things unless I'm trying to let people I've been "twittering" with, that I'm leaving. Do you care? or expect people will pop on and off?

I write about my projects and blog posts. I post updates to my Etsy shop or flickr pics. Sometimes crafty happenings, volunteer work, or activities with my kids will pop in there - stuff that I'm intently working on but have no other outlet for.

Who do I like to Follow? Well, I'm still working on that one. I often follow links that people put up for interesting things, but if it's all about - I mean constant, all day long - their shop updates -then I usually take them off my Follow list. I like to read what other people find interesting, the news, videos, products they've seen or their hobbies and interests. Find inspiring stuff, like anywhere else online. Of course, we all want to direct traffic to our stores, but I'm starting to be interested in what the people behind the crafts are doing, what they're like.

I used to spend a lot of time watching the Twitters on my home page, but I haven't been there lately. Trying to craft and finish projects and not be distracted.

So, What do you Twitter about & what do you find interesting?


  1. I've set up an account yesterday night, so I'm still getting used to it, but the idea that I can know what someone (who I know more or less) is doing on the other side of the planet is amazing.

    I used to wonder about things like that when I was younger, and I got ready to watch a competition on TV, and I was wondering what my favourites were doing (I blamed it on my overactive imagination and now I'm happy there's twitter to feed it :))

  2. I am an on-again/off-again Twitterer. There are days I keep regular updates about my goings on and days I forget entirely to tweet anything.

    I twitter about my recent blog posts, what I'm doing at the moment, stories or news that I find interesting, etc.

    I find lots of things on Twitter interesting. I like reading brief tidbits about what other people I know (and some I don' know) are doing - what they are reading or posting about..etc.


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