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Once Upon a Pie

November 14, 2008
How I wish I thought up that title for our library's pie event fundraiser!  Credit goes to Jessica, a library assistant... so clever!

InspirationCraftStylish Prize Ribbon Pin

I did make some changes from the how-to at CraftStylish... I did sew all the ribbons, but wrapping them into circles, I used a low-temp glue gun.  And instead of a covered button, I glued some modified clip-art to a wooden disk and covered the edges with glitter before gluing it all together with super glue.  Before the event tomorrow I'll be adding some more glitter around the bare spots.  I really have to stop touching them all before I ruin something.  And I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow - the glitter is really hot-pink, not red and I don't think that's shown up very well.

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  1. The ribbons came out lovely! Now I wished I had entered the pie contest. I think my peanut butter cup cookie pie might have won, sigh.


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