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Do you buy something even if you can make it?

November 2, 2008
How many of you buy things that you can make yourself?

In the past I've bought a few of these from etsy shops for my daughters and their friends, thought I'd try my hand at these scrabble tile pendants.... I [unsurprisingly] had enough craft supplies here to start a bunch. Following directions from here. Later tonight I'll try the resin topping if I can find where I stashed it in my room.

Sometimes I'd rather just buy something, even though I know I can figure it out or learn how to make it. I like supporting other handcrafters, and at the same time, I have more than enough things on my to-do list without trying to master any other crafts. From a seller's perspective, I've always hated it when someone has poked one of my dolls and walked away saying "... I can make that." Yes, yes, I know, we're all guilty of it (maybe not saying it out loud though!)

On another note, I was an honorable mention over at dabbled.org, yay!

11/3 update - this project isn't as easy as I thought. I resined the pieces to my tile and have had to chisel four of them off! A few days of curing & then I'll glue the hooks on. That should be simple...


  1. I have bought things that I could make. Especially when I was working long hours and really didn't have the time to make things. And also, even though there are some items that I make and sell, there are even more products that I technically *can* make...but I don't sell...and other people make them better. Those are the things I buy. :)

  2. I do buy things i can make, although generally stuff that I *can* make, but not as well as other people can :) 8

  3. I do buy things that I can make. I can make a lot of things - I've dabbled in jewelry, I sew, and I've taken a bunch of fiber/weaving/dyeing/craft (puppets, batik, silkpainting, hat making, etc) classes, so I can make a lot of things. However, I may not have the supplies on hand, or the time, or the experience. We recently took my husband's suit coat to the alterations shop to hem the sleeves - I paid them $17 to do it, because it honestly wasn't worth the time it would have taken me to do it correctly, plus, they have industrial irons, etc, there, which would leave a nicer press on it.


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