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Hysteria or simple fun?

September 11, 2008
Is laughter so foreign that I'm thinking there's something wrong with me??? Couldn't we all use a little more levity in our lives?

I cracked myself up this morning after I woke up, left my bedroom and once again faced my daughter's bedroom door covered with pictures of the Jonas Brothers. Now, she loves them, I get it... wants to stamp her - personality and likes - on her part of the world... her sister has done it to a lesser degree on her door with princess quotes... But do I need to see it every day? Nick is cute, but hey, he's a little young for me. You're wondering where the funny part comes in, right?

I started thinking... what if I stamped MY personality all over MY bedroom door. Every morning my daughter would leave her bedroom and be faced with fabric swatches, pictures of yarn, sketches of swirly things and some globs of glitter. The absurdity of this cracked me up. I couldn't help laughing as I thought of what my husband could add to the mix - a picture of a pair of sneakers, a basketball? A giant remote control? How bizarre would this be to the teens that would come over and say "who's room is THAT?" I wouldn't do it to her. But the more I think of it, the more I'm laughing.

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  1. Haah. I'm laughing too. What a great idea! I think my door would look similar to yours. Only there'd prob be a bowl of ice cream attached somewhere.
    Funny idea.


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