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Tiny Elephant is done!

August 27, 2008
tiny wool elephant by tamdoll

This little creature is only 7" tall and is so adorable. I'm so glad it's complete and am putting him in my etsy shop now where you can see some more pictures, too.

" This tiny friend began as a ball of llama roving. As soon as I saw the color, I thought "Elephant". The accent fabric on the ears and feet practically popped out of my fabric stash as the perfect match. I began by knitting and stuffing the initial shape, then wet felting it into a ball with legs. Next, I needle felted another layer of roving over the top and attached the ears, trunk and tail. I added a pipe cleaner into the trunk for some gentle manipulation and posing. Blue button eyes. One of a kind (OOAK).
Weighs only 8 ounces and is about 7" tall.
This is an art doll - not a children's toy."
*Disclaimer: Any resemblance to a real elephant is incidental. This little one is pure imagination.


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