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New Fabric Cuff in Linen & working on a doll

August 31, 2008
Many thanks to those who commented about the tiny elephant, I'm glad you liked it!
And I am still thinking about the save your scraps challenge, I think anyone who's been reading my blog knows I do so many things and eventually get back around to all of them sooner or later.. I'm putting reminders up here for myself as well as for you guys (so you can remind me in case it takes too long!)

linen cuff

I'm uploading this picture of a new fabric cuff bracelet via Picasa. It worked! I love that program - it's free from Google if you're interested (it keeps my photo uploading very organized). More views and some description of this cuff can be seen at my flickr site. For now, it's not going into the etsy shop, but there are still other fabric cuffs available there.

Today I'm working on Alma Stoller's Art Doll challenge from her recent zine. I'm very used to making dolls a certain way - but since the creative well seems to have dried up in the doll department I'm going to follow her directions as close as possible. If some creativity pops up along the way... I'll go with it. Of course I'll put some pictures here, too.

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