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Sunday Odds & Ends

August 24, 2008
HomeStudio Etsy PurchaseAnother Etsy purchase that surpassed my expectations. I recently purchased these beautiful pendants for my niece from HomeStudio.etsy.com. Wow. They came safely packaged and bundled into these nice gauze bags. I can't get over how things look even better in person than on the screen despite the excellent photographs at the shop. My daughter quickly grabbed the 3rd pendant that we got for free with our purchase and all of us are so pleased. Buy Handmade!

Challenge Update - Keep saving your sewing/crafting scraps and I'll flesh this out some more in the coming weeks, I'm so glad you guys are interested!

Thanks Tracy for all your nice comments! Isn't it funny how people around the world can find connections through the internet? I love it! I'm such a slow crafter, and I have so many things going on at once, I will eventually finish the hearts and have them at my Etsy shop along with a bunch of other little charms, thanks so much for loving them! The snails were good enough for photos & the contest, but I don't think I'd want anyone looking TOO close to their construction, hence them not being available at my etsy shop. (I don't know if they're allowed to be sold, it's a free pattern from the MochiMochi Blog.) You made my day with your lovely comments.

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