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One, Two, Three

July 31, 2008
I've been meaning to post for days, so now I have three things to update with.
First, I've entered the MochiMochi Photo Contest with some cute knitted snails (and stashbusting yarn with these tiny projects, too!)

Snail Adventures
I didn't really enter the whole comic - the contest entry was just the first photo - you can see them all at my flickr site.

Second, I made it into an Etsy Treasury!! Blue Shed Crafts

chose one of my frogs to appear, I'm so excited:
Frog Princes
And third, I finally took a photo of something I'm working on, and here's a peek... I hope to get more completed by the end of the coming weekend:

Tiny embroidery


  1. Oh!Are these tiny little hearts you've made??!!They are the sweetest things!Please tell us how?!!!

  2. I like the look of the hearts you're working on.Will look forward to seeing them finished :-)

  3. I love the snails, and the concept of the comic adventure. lovely and well done :-))

  4. oh my heavens....tell me you've got your snails for sale on etsy....and these hearts!! I might love hearts even more than cozy cottages. oxox


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