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Crochet with a microscope

July 20, 2008

I can't think of any other way that someone could have made these tiny stitches. I picked up a sewing basket in an antique store and it was filled with odds and ends of crochet pieces, and something I think was a collar. I tried to wash a stain out of this one but had no luck, so I'm going to block it and then paint it and use it in a collage. Hopefully I'll get to it later this week.

I have a bunch of projects to finish: a skirt to hem; another skirt to begin with fabric that I bought last summer for just that; my felted elephant to complete; three more bracelets that I cut out (and the how-to pattern); and two tiny fabric charms that are in-progress to be packed up in a tiny matchbox. And these are just the ufo's that are lying on the top surface of my workspace, who know what lurks beneath....

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  1. That is a WONDERFUL little crocheted block you found!
    Be sure to show us what you do with it...and I need to order some of your new GREAT ribbons!


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