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It's Hard Work

June 26, 2008
My hairdresser said something to me a month ago when I asked her about how she's gotten in shape after having two kids. Simply, she said "It's hard work." Now, every time I go for a walk and think about being fit, I remember what she said. I think it also applies to art.

When my daughter was working on making bracelets the other night, she was frustrated at her lack of proficiency right at the get-go. I know the feeling. When I started crocheting recently, I was frustrated at my crazy stitches and cramped fingers. When I made dolls I'd have rejected body parts lying everywhere. I've been patiently pulling out and re-making embroidery stitches as I work on my new fabric bracelets. It's all hard work & I think that's what makes the product worth it in the end. (Too bad I can't just as easily get rid of the snicker's bar I ate yesterday.)

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  1. I know the feeling! I just learned to crochet recently, and I was so annoyed that I couldn't get it right away. Especially since I know how to knit. It's hard work to stick with something when it's new to you. But so much fun once you figure it out.


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