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A busy weekend wrap-up

June 16, 2008
I've been working steadily - slowly - and there's nothing like a feeling of accomplishment. I'm really enjoying making the cuff bracelets - I wish I could just focus better so I can make more than just one a day.

First, I start out with raw materials:
raw materials
Silk & Jasper bead

Next, I doodle:sketchI doodle a lot. Whenever I get a pen in hand, invariably, the sketches come out with triangles, dots and swirls in a pattern. I thought it fit perfectly here.

Embroider, quilt, knit, stitch and create:at my etsy shopAvailable at my etsy shop, just click the picture!

Calla CoastersEmbroidery help is thanks to "Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners" by Aimee Ray (affiliate link). No matter how many websites I visited, or books that I already own - this one is what really helped me out, everything is very clear and inspiring.

Calla coasters are done - I finally brought them with me to a softball game and sewed on the linen backs. They're not exactly perfect circles, but they will do the job.

I'm in whipup! Visit to see - it's such a fantastic site & I'm so excited about this.

Tomorrow I should have pictures of my log-cabin knitting project and a great pink and green fabric cuff that I'm working on.

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