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Bubby Bear Felting Adventure

June 1, 2008
Bubby BearI haven't had much luck lately in the felting department. I knit this double stranded, stuffed it very lightly and threw it in the wash. And he has holes.

So, here I am closing the holes with more wool and I'll needle felt it later when I'm feeling more aggressive. For now, it's still wet from the wash and I'm tired of having a wet lap.

Last night I stitched up some linen bottoms for the cotton Calla coasters I had knit (say that 10 times fast) -those were wonky, too... if I would just remember to be more precise when I start things then I wouldn't have to redo them so often. I've sewn the centers to the knitted coasters, now I just need to hand stitch the edging all around.... a good "to go" project that I will pack in a bag.


  1. Hello,
    thank you for coming on my blog, i don't have to much time tonight to see all your work, but i will comme back very soon to see all what you're doing, what i 've seen from you is really nice!
    i hope that you understand my english!
    see you soon!!
    Fée des choses

  2. oh he looks so sad! I am wishing you luck in making him all new.


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