Aliens Have Landed

June 5, 2008
AlienAliens have landed.
On your wrist!
He's available at my etsy shop. Clicking the picture will take you to flickr to see different views.

I have a lot of these cuff-style bracelets in mind to make and finally am able to work on them. What was holding me up? I was worried about the closure. Obsessing. Trying out different methods... then I realized "I don't want to make closures! I want to make bracelets!" So I got to work and wala! I thought of a clever way to make a comfortable, slightly adjustable closure - I knit a bit of ribbing with a button-hole in it and there you go. I think just letting it all simmer in my mind for so long helped to birth that idea. Now onto some new ones... I hope to have a few listed by Sunday the latest.

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