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Green Party Idea - Recycled Table Cards

May 17, 2008
I had a hard time searching online for "green" party ideas and practical/affordable suggestions - so I thought I'd share one that I came up with.

When faced with cutting out 100 name cards for an earth-friendly themed party, I just couldn't do it. Who keeps these things? Why waste all that paper? Inspiration hit when I woke up the day before I had to deliver them to the restaurant -- I called all my neighbors and asked them for all of the boxes from their recycling bins...

I bought the stamp from tearbearco when I started using recycled packaging in my etsy shop - it says "Reduce Reuse Recycle.. I use Recycled Packaging" - I think the recycling symbol was enough even though the print was cut off. I wish I had taken a picture of them all laid out. I cut out each piece 3x5" and folded them in half. Before I wrote out all the names I mixed up all the cards in their various shades of cardboard & it looked great. I hope someone else finds this a handy tip when planning a party!

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