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Quilting & New Project Ideas

April 8, 2008
I wonder what perversity makes me think of a fantastic new project to try then compels me to work on something else? I thought of something new I want to try... but realize that I have to finish some unfinished projects before I do that. It's ridiculous, but here it is. I have been working on a quilt for over 6 years now & I'm determined to finish it.

In one month.

REAL QUILTERS LOOK NO FURTHER. You may be horrified by my lack of skill, technique or concerns for any.

Here's a closeup of one part of it - a larger picture is at my flickr site:

I've been inspired by Mary Lou Weidman's quilts and her style. So far, it's a yard of black with patchwork borders. I've basted on layers of applique and in the center (not in the picture) - there's a house. Now when I started the top, I tried to put the whole thing into my sewing machine and zigzagged around the entire house - through all 3 layers. Should I mention that it was a disaster? Do you think I'm going to rip it all out and start again? No. I will make lemonade with this lemon & hope that it turns out great!

So, my plan is to continue the traditional applique stitches around the tree trunk and branches since I started it that way. Once that's done - it's going to be a free for all. I'll be stitching down leaves, flowers, etc. all while going through all three layers at the same time to quilt it all together. I have some nice cotton threads and also embroidery floss that I want to use. Instead of a chore, I want this to be fun and have it hanging on my living room wall very soon.


  1. It's an art quilt! So be free to do whatever you want. I think it looks great!

  2. i agree! that's one thing i really love about art quilts. i feel so free to try whatever techniques i want...to heck with rules! this is such a great design!! i can't wait to see it finished! i love the style and the colors! the design of the flowers is great!

  3. It looks fabulous!!! You must have so much patience!


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