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Getting Inspired

February 2, 2008
Here I am, once again on a Saturday, wasting time....well, maybe not "wasting time" - let's call it getting inspired. Yes, that sounds so much better.

I have a feedreader that I put my favorite blogs into and haven't looked at it in a while - since I last checked, there are 639 new posts.... needless to say, I'm scanning them quickly and seeing what catches my eye...

Blogs I'm trawling at the moment:
  • Art Spirit - I see a few pincushions I'd like to jab at the most recent post!
  • Allsorts - just enjoying the bright graphics here,
  • To bake,
  • To look at again, and again - talitka's projects even though I have no idea what anything says, I love old cookbooks! and every post at this site always seems so magical to me,
  • A dye-your own yarn store? What an amazing idea!!!
  • (460 more posts to go)
  • Joining Mothers of Organic thanks to The Mother Load.
  • (begins swearing and promises to open the feedreader daily from here on)
Suddenly realizing that I'm drawn to blog posts that have graphics - I'll add a picture here for like minded folks -

Why have 400+ people looked at my [not very expensive] house necklace at http://www.tamdoll.etsy.com/ but not purchased it????

On we go....
  • I adore everything Heather Bailey does,
  • These knit creatures are delicious,
  • Now here is something that's making my fingers itch to go create!!!
  • Enjoying this felt embroidery... thinking of some more valentine's projects!Saving this to view later on - wow!!! I can see things in 3-d when I get doll ideas in my head, but this is so clever for those tough-to-figure-out projects. I may have to try this with one of my kid's drawings.
  • (Anyone reading these? care?)
  • I've been reading The Toymaker and enjoying it so much, will probably finish it this evening.
(and I'm beginning to think I have too many blogs in this reader. Darn all you talented people out there!)

(starts thinking about knitting to pack for the movie theater today... don't want to go see kids movies! -Owls! Plush owls are everywhere - that's what I'll knit... )

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