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Don't weave in those ends

February 6, 2008

Since my last post, I've made a great pop up card, and a nice fabric basket derived from a Japanese bag I saw on flickr.com... did I take any pictures? Of course not. What do I have to show for my efforts? A sucky piece of knitting that I was messing around with today:

Just now, I found this adorable pattern and I think I'll have to try it with this sock yarn. Maybe I'll have a better picture of a finished project to show next. But I don't want to use a pattern. I was trying to be creative and come up with a alien or something. It didn't work. I wanted to be original. Boy, was I original.


  1. Lovely bright colours!

  2. I love the yarn you used! Thanks for your comments on my blog! You were definitely right, knitting on dpn is really easy.

  3. Tammy, you are so funny! That yarn rocks!
    I would love to see a multi-colored alien!


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