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Felt Heart Earrings

January 27, 2008
I'm going to commit myself to posting a new project picture here once a week. I have a list of projects to do that I keep adding to my to-do list - but I haven't completed any. These earrings have been in-progress for ages, they were simple to finish, I just stalled completing them, don't know why. Maybe I need a new list of things to do, and then the other projects will seem more appealing.

Here are the earrings, with more pictures at my flickr account -

I made them by cutting up a failed felted project that I made long ago. Then I trimmed each piece of felt and beaded it, added some embroidery floss and strung them with wire onto sterling silver posts. Each one is about the size of a nickel, maybe smaller. I've put them onto paint chip cards folded in half and they look really cute. I struggled for a while with the wire-wrapping but realized that I had a bead magazine with step-by-step instructions, and it turned out to be a cinch. Onto the next project!

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