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December 3, 2007
As I sit here, I realize that my blog posts are pretty unexciting. Except for maybe the occasional mysterious thing I may be trying to create - it just doesn't have the appeal of some of the many blogs that I like to read. I have dozens of blogs in my feedreader & I enjoy them for many reasons. Some have exciting projects and beautiful pictures for me to look at. Some tell wonderful stories about art adventures and crafting with their families. Others offer challenges and inspiration. So, as a famous tv chef says, I'd like to kick mine up a notch. Don't know if I'll succeed - but just posting pictures and a line or too can't be very interesting for anyone else out there and what am I even doing it for? Not captivating at all for those of you taking your time to stop by and visit.
So, here goes -

I've been snowed in today and working on the tedious task of making some valances for my daughter's room out of the flat sheet that came with her new bedspread. Procrastinating on finishing that up while I blog!

Over the years I've been selling some of my crafts at a local boutique - the owner, Donna, is so generous and amazing - if you happen to be in NH - please visit A Break in Time- you won't be disappointed. Well, a few weeks ago, I made a rare appearance over there to visit and restock what I've been selling. Sometimes months go by without me stopping over and she is so understanding of my temperamental crafting nature. I had some felt bowls that I 'reworked' - crocheting edges and needlefelting designs on the sides - here's a few:

  Felt Bowls Nov 07
A few days later I got a phone call requesting more, more! The problem was I was out of wool and out of motivation to knit and felt these tiny little things. But how could I resist? Someone wants them!!! 
Off to the yarn shop. I picked up some yarn and let it sit. Then last night, realized that I'd better start knitting or else I'd never get anything to her this week - and I couldn't find my needles. To make a long story short, after 6 hours of wondering what the heck I had done with them - found them at a friend's house and began to knit. So far I've gotten two done, will knit two more before the night is over and begin felting this evening. Here are the two I photographed before it got dark: unfelted loveliesDidn't realize until I was 3/4 of the way done with the red one that it has a Harry Potter appeal - but who knows what it will look like when done. I'm actually looking forward to watching some tv, or reading blogs now while I knit up a few more. Then, to the laundry!

Felted bowl pattern from One Skein by Leigh Radford (affiliate link).

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  1. Thanks for commenting over on my blog. The pullover pattern is free (!) and can be found here: http://interweaveknits.com/freepatterns/tops.asp

    I love the felted bowls...what a great idea!

  2. I am enchanted with your bowls.

    Sue Bender wrote a lovely book called
    _Everyday Sacred_ in which she tells a story
    about monks who go into the world every day with
    begging bowls to fill their emptiness. You have
    knitted the quintessential begging bowls.



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