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December 10, 2007
Purple Bowl

I forgot to take pictures of the four bowls I brought to the shop last week... this is one that I brought back home to rework. First it was plain, then I had a hot pink crochet edge around it - now this. I hope it sells this way! I'm knitting four more smaller ones today and will felt them tonight - I will remember to take pictures this time!

Next, I have to think of teacher gifts. I'd like to think of creative things besides food items - I'm going to work on some earrings this afternoon & see how those come out. In two weeks I will make some frosted walnuts and some of these Rolo Pecan Candies - they're so good and everyone loves them, I can't resist. Anyone have any other nice teacher gift ideas?

And then --- I need to work on items for two local shops now (yay! People want my things!) and to replenish my etsy shop. I was interviewed last week by a local newspaper about my participation in etsytrashion.com - but it hasn't appeared yet - so I'm figuring if I have more things stocked up by Thursday (when the paper is printed) - then I'll be all set. No pressure. Just three days to scramble. But I love the adrenaline rush as I cram to make all the things in my head.

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  1. ....I LOVE this little felted lavender bowl !!! Are they on your Etsy shop? Maybe for next spring?They will sell for sure.....hmmm....and do they need a few beads also? heh, heh.......


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