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"I'll never do a craft fair again."

October 22, 2007
How many times have I said that???? Dolls are too time consuming for me to bring to craft fairs - and I've learned that people don't want to pay higher prices for 'art' at these events - and I'm not even making dolls anymore anyway....

The first few times I booked myself to be at a craft fair, I made what I thought people wanted --> nothing sold. Then comes the: "I'll never do a craft fair again."

Next, I decided to craft what I like - that usually works better and things sell. So, I've accepted another invitation to a craft fair event.... and have procrastinated until 2 weeks before the date. Now I'm scrambling.

I'm having fun though - using trims and embellishments and ideas that have been brewing for a while. That's what counts, right? Having fun!

work in progress

So, here I am, having fun, creating some unique handbags & totes, hoping they'll sell. If not, there's always Etsy. If not that, some nice gifts at holiday time....

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  1. I know that feeling! I have decided to try yet another craft fair - but no dolls this time - I'm going to try those crazy plushies I've been making. Although I sure hope I don't end up with tons of them - I don't know how I'd get rid of them, LOL.


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