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Progression of a Sweater

September 14, 2007
I was inspired to knit a pair of baby sweaters when I saw the sample for this: in the store -

The sample was orange & brown and practically jumped off the rack at me! There was only one thing to do ---- buy the yarn and begin here --- I decided not to go for stripes, instead choosing a variegated yarn.

Knit up the two sweaters & they look like lumps right now. The pink will be the border for both sweaters & will tie the gift together (don't want to see twins in the exact same clothes, all the time).

Now I'm onto the blocking part - I was so excited to get this blocking board.
Until now, the extent of my blocking has been to pin something to my ironing board and try to steam it a little bit. I thought the time invested in this project would be worth doing it right... glad I did, it's curled so much that blocking will make it much easier to stitch together. Once this one dries, I'll block the purple one while I sew this together.

Now what to do while they dry?

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