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August 12, 2007
NORO Yarns
I got these beautiful Noro yarns after seeing an adorable baby sweater at a yarn shop while on vacation. The pattern is the cover sweater of the Filatura di Crosa Baby...Toddler... Spring/Summer 2006 booklet. The green one has been knit up, and I will begin the purple tomorrow - both will be trimmed in the pink yarn. They will be for a friend expecting twins this fall (who I'm hoping doesn't read this blog!)

The yarn shop was this one I found in Nyack, NY & the owner was so helpful and friendly. That means a lot to me when I go into a shop. I love to talk about projects & get ideas from people; when shop owners aren't friendly, it's really unpleasant.

I read about blocking boards in an email newsletter so I ordered one last night. I usually just pin the pieces together and sew them up - but it's often sketchy and things don't always line up - I redo many seams. So, since I love knitting baby-sized items, I figured this will be worth the expense: it's waterproof, pins and irons can be used on it and it has all the measurement grids, too. If you look at the green sweater in the picture, it's all rolled up, you can tell that it desperately needs blocking! Of course, when they're both complete, I'll post pictures here.

So, now that I'm home, this will be my new take-along project. I think I'll sift through fabric tonight or tomorrow sometime and try some of the new things I've been brewing up.

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