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July 27, 2007
I finally completed this shirt for my daughter. It began over a month ago when she said she wanted to learn how to sew her own clothes, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to shop for fabric and show her "how to". We picked out patterns, found fabric, came home and washed it ...... .......

.... and that was it for weeks. I guess her sewing phase passed quickly, so I finished this for her (well, I guess I started it, too) - has a zipper in the side and everything. It was pretty easy, it's just that sewing clothes isn't my favorite thing to do. McCalls Pattern M5004.

Now to discuss art. For a long time I've been thinking about making something new - some pocketbooks & totebags, a doll I "owe" someone and some new collage things, maybe some jewelry. Every once in a while someone asks me "When are you going to make new dolls?" And it has been getting frustrating. So I've been thinking. And thinking. And talking to a few people who've inspired me.

What I need to do is redefine the type of artist I claim to be. I'm not a 'doll artist' - I'm a fiber artist. Each doll I've made has taught me a technique or given me room to explore a certain style or method of creation or embellishment. I never made dolls because I loved dolls - it was the idea of creating something, with a story, as a gift, or to learn and play with the fabrics. When I realized this, I almost felt freed from the restriction of needing to come up with a new doll to justify my self-proclaimed title as 'artist'. Instantly I thought of some doll technique that I had explored and thought of a creative way to put it to use in some fabric jewelry I'd like to create. My mind exploded with ideas of how to embellish some new fabric beads. More and more ideas are flowing.... but of course I'm super-busy for the next few weeks & I won't be able to do much except sketch out ideas. So, for now, I will think about projects and hopefully mid-to end-of August I will have new projects started and my etsy shop online again. I'm excited about this and hope my continuing to blog makes me feel responsible to follow through!!! I know someone out there is reading this.....

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  1. We all evolve through our journey with fiber ... you are just taking another turn in yours .. and, yep, we are out here reading!!!


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