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Not so busy

March 21, 2007
I haven't been crafting much, just knitting when I'm not home. The blue handbag is turning out to be a thorn in my side, haven't finished it yet -- I think I'll just put it away until I'm in the mood. Next up is this beret that I completed with some leftover yarns, and posting at the Stashalong Blog (broken link removed) -


And on my mind is my giant quilt that I started years ago. Someone suggested that I haven't been able to finish it because I already know what it's going to look like -- the excitement is gone for me. And, there's the daunting task of appliquing the hundreds of pieces I've cut out, then quilting all the layers together. So, I came up with another idea. I'm going to cut it up into 9 squares and work on each of those individually, then hang them up as a completed puzzle. I'll let this idea simmer until the weekend, then get to it... at least it will be manageable then.

Another project that has been looming over my head is a mermaid that I was supposed to have made for someone years ago. A friend purchased my white and silver mermaid and requested a black and silver one to mirror it. Well, I bought the fabric right away, but haven't done it yet.... I feel like once that one is done, I will be able to create new dolls again.

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