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March 2, 2007
Well, my art has come to a standstill this winter... projects that I thought I'd start and finish by now haven't even been begun yet!

Here's one bag that I should be able to complete by this weekend:

blue wool bag
bottom of blue wool bag

This is part of my stashalong commitment & has been completely knit for weeks! Now I just have to sew up a lining - think I'll put some buckram inside to make it very stiff and a plastic needlepoint canvas bottom. This way the bag won't crumple down and distort the patterns. I knit it as a hat pattern, then at the bottom, picked up stitches and knit the base. Afterwards, I attached an i-cord around the edges, using it on the bottom to attach the base. The handle is next. Either I'll find the black handle I purchased, or I'll wrap some tubing with more of the black yarn and attach it. First though, the lining and some serious blocking and shaping of the bag.

November 2007 Update: It's done! Going to put it for sale in my etsy shop & put a picture on Flickr. Unbelievable how long this took!!! Sold it locally, yay!

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