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Nothing New, Still Cleaning

January 6, 2007
I'm still cleaning.... so far I've found 3 sets of round knitting needles, a long-lost scissor, 100's of sewing needles, a $15 gift card to the scrapbook store, and receipts totaling a lot of $$ (it looks like I really didn't make any $ selling art in 2006.) Every time I needed a needle, I must have bought new ones because the rest were lost/found in the piles I had lying around everywhere! My desk is cleared but I have nowhere to put all the fabric I have all over the pull-out bed. If I can't think of sewing projects to use them for, I don't know what I'll do. There's fabric stored on shelves above my laundry area, fabric stored in my attic & no more can fit in my closet. I must refrain from shopping until there are projects completed! At least my machine is ready to be picked up from the shop & I'll have that back by Tuesday.

By 10am Sunday EST, I should have scrapbooking and Soft Dolls & Animals magazines listed on eBay. (search for seller tamdoll2001)

I finally sealed all the envelopes for "Happy New Year" cards - I think I'll have to make holiday cards in November if I want to get those done next year. Or, I'll just get a family photo/holiday card printed next Fall.

Today I tried rug-hooking & the jury is still out. I definitely cramped my left hand up by gripping the hoop so tightly - kind of how I feel when I crochet. I guess as I get better at it, I'll relax a bit more. Next book club meeting I'll continue the project. This month's Girl With a Pearl Earring was an awesome book - the first book I loved 100%. Next it's A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - I can't wait to read it!

Maybe I'll knit tonight and tomorrow applique the quilt I've been working on for 5 years. We'll see..... I'm afraid to unroll it as the temporary adhesive I used to stick all the 100's of little pieces down will have certainly dried out by now. It's in the style of Mary Lou Weidman - lots of shapes and symbolic images cut out and [will be] appliqued all over a pieced base. I've only done 1 or 2 very small quilts before - this one is more than 5' on any side... I'm not ready to admit that I've bitten off more than I can chew on this one yet - but if I don't get it done soon, I may resort to glue instead of needles and thread!


  1. Oh my goodness..as you described trying to organize your 'stuff' I thought you were looking in my craft room. It's absolutely scary in there. And I KNOW I buy things I already own because there's no way I can find things in there. Someday.......

  2. get busy on that quilt! I'll keep hooking for you.


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