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Monday Morning Motivation

January 22, 2007
I didn't have anything new to post, so here's a picture of a bag I made last year - I got a phone call about it yesterday with someone wanting to know how I did it.

I had just "wung it"... so here it is - basically I knit 2 rectangles for the front and back of the bag and then a 3rd long one to be the gusset. The visible seam on the front is because the pattern created a very small panel - I wanted to add more of a border around it, but when I did - I picked up stitches along the side and knit in the other direction. When it felted, it left a seam and I haven't gotten around to needle felting a piece of yarn in there to smooth it out.
The button is a round button with yarn wet and needle felted all around the edges of it and it has a loop closure . After coming out of the wash, I shaped it over some plastic wrapped books to come out rectangular (although I've been using it so much, it looks like it could use a refresher shaping!).
I just cut holes in the sides of the bag to run the handles thru. I tried using some costume jewelry necklaces as a strap, but it wasn't sturdy enough - so I braided some leftover yarns and attached the necklaces to that for decoration. Too bad I couldn't find my sweater shaver to clean it up a bit for the photo. I guess I did too good of a job cleaning my workspace!

Yes! Finally, my room is clean. I left out the picture of the laundry basket filled with fabric that I want to work with... at least someone can sit on the couch! Much better than this disaster!

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  1. hi, I found you through Laura at Old School Acres. I haven't had much time for scouting out new blogs to read and today I am visiting around for about an hour. Love your projects and the Robots make me consider a robot quilt. (Of course I've never made a quilt before --but it is inspiring) Thanks for the read!


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