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Finished Sewing Projects

January 17, 2007
baby bootiesThis weekend I managed to spend a little time sewing & got some projects done. First were a pair of baby booties for a neighbor and a matching hat. Thanks Laura for the fleece, I will return the leftovers to you along with some hats for you - here's a peek if you're reading this.three hats

The baby bootie pattern is from stardustshoes and a close up is at my flickr site (just click the picture). The hats are from a super easy pattern from the "Sew & Go Kids" book by Jasmine Hubble, that I get out of the library. Today I'm going to make a "baseball card pouch" that she has in there, to keep all my store punch-cards. The plastic one I kept in my glove compartment of the car has fallen apart.

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  1. I tried commenting earlier, but for some reason blogger wasn't working for me. I love the shoes and the hats. So cute!


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