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Triangle Bag How-To

December 26, 2006
Triangle Bag Sketch
For the people that asked, and the generally curious...

This is the shape I started with for the triangle bag - based on the pattern in the book Quilt Artistry: Inspired Designs from the East. The measurements depend on how big the zipper is. I made the base of each triangle about 1" longer than the zipper was & just measured the rest to look proportionate.

The interior lines are really only for you to know where the folds will be made when complete - it's just the outer shape you need for cutting. Cut this parallelogram shape out of outer fabric and lining fabric.

The picture here is as if the zipper was open and lying flat along the base - the bottom of the zipper being where the two triangles meet. I think a separating zipper would make this project very easy to put together - I didn't use one originally and had to twist it a bit to get it sewn in. I put it together by the method given at twelve22.org who has graciously put a zippered pouch tutorial at her website.

First I sewed in the zipper to the fabric and lining as per the twelve22 tutorial. Once that's done, if you zipper it up, you can see where the other sides fold and form the triangle shape. The two short sides will meet and need to be sewn together. The remaining two sides get sewn together last. Unzip it and sew the outside and lining pieces separately, with a hole left in the lining for turning everything right-side-out... once turned, just stitch the opening closed.

VoilĂ ! How does that sound?

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