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Friday WIP

December 22, 2006
I have a work-in-progress that's so young, I haven't even taken the fabric out of the bag yet. I don't know if the recipient of this new & upcoming project will read this blog.... so no more news until late Sunday when I know she won't be online!

For now - I finished all the fingerless glove gifts and before running out of the house with them yesterday, I took a quick picture:fetching from knitty.com

I snipped the threads while waiting in my car and my daughter wrapped them en-route - and they were a hit, the teens loved them. My hands need a break though!

Now I'm off to the supermarket to buy more Rolos for some more teacher gifts that I need to drop off this afternoon. These were so tasty, I'm going to have to make extras - here's where I found the idea first Old School Acres blog. The first two batches went out the door so quickly, I'll take pictures of the next ones to post here.

I feel like I can relax now and enjoy some vacation time with school being out next week. Yes, all my holiday cards will be late. Yes, I still have things to sew and give as presents - but everyone will understand and appreciate them once they get them -- I'm not known for being on time & last year I never even sent out any cards.

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