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December 5, 2006
bowls for craft fair
The bowls have been shrunk after numerous runs through the washing machine. Now they have to dry and be shaved.... not my favorite part. Actually, I think my obsession with knitting these is over.

People have been buying these as fast as I can make them - but the fascination of knitting, shrinking, then shaping is gone.

Next week I have to finish knitting a few more gift items. Maybe I'll save the knitting until the pajama sewing is done, then while my machine is at the shop for a check-up I'll have something to do.

Pattern from the book - One Skein by Leigh Radford (affiliate link).


  1. Those bowls are awesome! How long does it take you to crank one out?

  2. I didn't know where to reply....

    It takes under an hour to knit one - I double strand the yarn and use size 15 needles, cast on about 40 stitches. After about 5" I close up the bottom with gradual decreases & then on to the washing machine.
    I started them by following the pattern in the OneSkein book and since then, I just do whatever I remember, wherever I am with my needles and yarn.


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