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Alice in Wonderland meets Jumanji

December 26, 2006
No one showed up at the library for knitting club (what was I thinking?) so I came home and played this new game, Quelf (affiliate link) , with my family.
This is the most bizarre & fun game ever. Seriously.
 Alice in Wonderland meets Jumanji is a perfect description if you can imagine it all in real life. It is for families and kids that can be silly (we're talking serious silliness - oxymoron, yes - but true) and have fun -- I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! (or played leapfrog either.... thanks to this game!)

Plan for tomorrow - clean workroom. But - do I fold all the fabric and just put it away? No - I think I'll stop and work on a project if something inspires me and this way deplete my fabric stash at the same time. I have absolutely no place to store another bit of fiber....

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