One Down, Two Dozen to Go

November 22, 2006
first wristlet One down, a few dozen more to go.

I have a bunch of these cut out and ready to go - I hope everyone likes them at the craft fair.

I've loved this top fabric for a long time (it sparkles!) & the bottom is a swatch from a 60's upholstery sample book.

Zippers are not my favorite thing, but I'm going to keep trying....

Whatever doesn't sell on 12/9 will appear on my etsy shop that night (in case you're interested).

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  1. Tammy!! What a fun surprise to find your blog.. don't even know how I found it.. just zipping from one blog to another.

    Your bags look great. Where's your craft fair? I did a couple this year too.

    I'll check in again. :)


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