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November 14, 2006

One pair down, two more to go. These were a lot of fun to knit - very quick. I used Knit Picks yarn - Andean Silk, an alpaca, silk and merino blend. Since the pattern was sketchy as to amounts - I did the cuffs in a different color - I couldn't imagine buying an extra ball of orange and having that left over. I hope the recipient likes them.

I'm still working on the fish/ornaments & draped some fulled (felted) bowls over some canning jars this morning. Prepping for a craft show in Dec. still - found lots of items in my basement that I can sell - have to work on smaller items now.

Now to decide (and it'd better be quick!) if I should grab a table [free with 10% donation] this weekend at a local fair, too. What if I sell everything and have nothing for the [paid] table in December? What if I sell nothing and waste an entire day sitting around (and stressing my family out at the same time?)

Sold another doll at Black Brook Gallery. I just noticed I'm not on their list of artist's but since I only have two dolls there??? We'll see. Have gotten a robot request, maybe I can work on that, too.

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