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WIP Friday Felted Wool

September 8, 2006
enough wool

Felted wool sweaters and skirts -- ready to be made into totebags. I wish I had some frogs done to photograph, maybe before the sun goes down tonight. I am so addicted to reading people's blogs that I am spending less & less time doing my own work! Saturday is my "no pc" time so it should be a productive day.
Tomorrow I'm going to look for the metal things that make straps longer or shorter so these totes can be worn across the body - I've got to figure out what they're called before I go into the craft store,though! One more purple and pink sweater drying on the deck & I'll be ready to cut and sew. Since some of these are pretty thick, I'm going to sew all seams by butting them together and zig zagging. With interfacing and quilting, that should be pretty sturdy. I can't wait! (Must finish frogs first!)

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  1. haha, I know what you mean about getting side-tracked reading blogs!! Good luck with the frogs, and those sweaters look so delicious photgraphed like that!


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