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Studio Tour Tomorrow

September 29, 2006
Well, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to, but I did the best I could.
Some of my new projects that I'll be showing are at my flickr site.

I think I have more new items than last year - I don't want to people to see my same old dragons and mermaids all the time. It was really hard, I wanted to do so many more things, but I waited for the last minute... now it's crunch time - just 24 hours to go before it begins. I thought more people would want to see the process, but last year they didn't, so I'll just bring a miscellaneous basket of "body parts" for kids to grab at, and just in case anyone wants to see me needle sculpt a face, I can do that, too -- but I won't be lugging around my entire sewing kit. Knitting needles & new kitties to make=yes.

I had a lot of fun using what I had - the bags were all recycled from thrift store/yard sale wool sweaters that I felted. Each of the frogs was made from fabric remnants that I had from previous projects (except Prince Bert - he was the Ugly Fabric challenge from dollstreet). And the kitties were all knitted from yarn remnants, too. I really wanted to make some more tote bags and more fabric jewelry (see previous posts with house charms and fabric beads.) I have a fantastic idea for fabric cuff bracelets that should be super comfy & fun... next week I will be doing that if not tomorrow night.

For now I'm going to pack everything up b/c I won't be opening my studio to the public (that would be a health hazard) and make sure everything is tagged. Then I'll see how late I want to stay up making business cards and some Robot Love buttons (these will be so cute, you know I'm going to stay up and make them!)

I already have plans to put some items on etsy early on next week, so if you want to be notified of when buttons, halloween items or unsold bags will be appearing - just send me an email.

We got lots of local press, so there should be a good turnout.... I hope I can sleep tonight!

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