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Another Skirt completed

July 30, 2006
Sheer skirt

Purchased the fabric months ago, made the skirt 2 weeks ago and finally hemmed it today! It's sheer with a red liner. Instead of a waistband, I used a red elastic that folds in half -- in theory it's supposed to be simple; you gather the skirt and then sew the elastic on top. But in reality, it wasn't that easy. I think I'll stick to casings. I didn't use a pattern for this - just lay down another skirt on top of it and cut it out; the blue/fish skirt - Simplicity It's So Easy pattern #4653 & it had 6 pieces to it. Since this was sheer fabric I didn't want to make as many seams - they'd be really visible, so it's just a little less full than the other skirt. It looks great on my daughter & I am confident I can sew more clothes now!

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