1960’s Vintage Dresses

These vintage dresses have been in my parent’s closet since the 1960’s and I have them listed, for sale, on ebay right now. If they aren’t sold by Sunday, I may list them for another 7 days, but then, I’m not sure what I’m going to do … they’ve been in my house since October & storing them any longer isn’t really appealing to me.

These 5 are a [modern] size Medium – US size 7/8, based on my daughter who’s modeling them. The dresses in the next set of pictures below are about a 14/16 – all vintage house/sundress styles. If I list them at all, I’m not taking full-length pictures, they probably have more value as vintage fabrics than anything else. Some of those are wild!

Tamdoll vintage dresses for sale on ebay

Some more vintage dresses from the 60’s/70’s – love these bright colors.

Tamdoll vintage dresses for saleTamdoll vintage dresses for saleWhat would you do with vintage dresses found in a closet? Or do you have suggestions for using the fabrics of these second 2 sets of pictures? (Share this post with crafty folk and let’s see if we can get some ideas going…and if anyone out there wants them… leave me a message, please!)

4 thoughts on “1960’s Vintage Dresses

  1. tina

    Oh wow – these are so fun. They remind me of my moms outfits when I was little. I sure hope they sell for you. I know there is a market for those. They are very in – in some kitschy circles. Good Luck with them

    have a great weekend

    1. Tammy Post author

      Thanks Tina! At this point, I may just stash them back in a closet and see what happens… I am starting to feel like if I sold them or gave them away, I’d regret it…

  2. Edi

    What beautiful fabrics! And I love the dresses! They all look like they’re in great shape!

    If they don’t sell, you could always contact a vintage seller on Etsy and see if they’d want to buy the whole lot.


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