Scrabble Tile Rings & Display

These Scrabble tiles had already been prepared with resin and I hadn’t yet added the bails to make them into pendants, so I decided to go with adjustable rings this time – and I think they’re perfect! Just a small selection of the alphabet and I hope they find many happy fingers to be worn upon.

scrabble tile rings by tamdoll

Thanks to this how-to for a ring-display DIY at PopkoShop! These rings are available for sale locally, at Apotheca.

If you’re looking for resin, this is the kind I used – I’m so pleased – no bubbles and shiny, indestructible coating:

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6 thoughts on “Scrabble Tile Rings & Display

  1. Jane P

    I have bought some adjustable ring blanks but haven’t got round to putting anything on top. This looks like a good idea! I won some resin and jewelry blanks in a giveaway some time ago but because it came with a CD full of instructions, I just could not be bothered to figure it out. I will have to look out for the bubbles.

    1. tamdoll Post author

      Thanks Edi! I kept waiting for some time to add bails and chains to these, can’t believe I had them for so long before I thought to add the ring backs. One thing I did differently with the display was to add some super glue around the edges and bottom of the box – as I pushed the fabric in, it dried to be super-secure.

  2. tina

    cool rings and I just went and bookmarked the page for the tutorial on the ring holder. Very cool thanks for sharing.

    Happy Hump Day

    1. tamdoll Post author

      Thanks Tina! As I’m blogging now, I’m trying to make my posts more useful with links, etc. I hope it comes in handy for you. Hope you’re having a great week!


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