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What Social Media Do You Use?

Social media – some people think of it as a time-suck, others find it entertaining and a way to stay current with trends and events. I think it’s all of those things and decided to put a poll up here for all of my readers to participate in – if we all like talking and sharing about the same things, then we should connect in all the ways we can online. The poll will remain here through the end of June and then I’ll post results.

You must know that I enjoy blogging, and have been reviving my Twitter account lately because I think it’s exciting – I never know what will come across the screen. But, I’ve been neglecting my Facebook account lately and not sure where I’m going with that just yet.

Are there any social media accounts that you’re curious about? willing to experiment with? Are you involved mostly with friends or do you follow businesses and/or celebrities, too? Feel free to leave comments about any of this – I can share on the topic in comments, or future blog posts – I spend a lot of time online at work and at home. Social media can be overwhelming with mobile and 24/7 access – but I think it’s here to stay and can be a dynamic way to stay in touch.