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Mermaid Submarine Art Journalling

The Ocean Express submarine is off to take the freshwater mermaids to the ocean to see the circus. This page was inspired by a space-suited mermaid in my class many lessons ago… But I couldn’t understand why a mermaid would be wearing a space suit & I kept trying to think of different ideas (besides visiting space that is… which I didn’t want to draw). Then it came to me… freshwater mermaids would want to visit the circus in the ocean, so I had to create a submarine to take them all there.

If you’re still keeping up with me, you’re either in the Mermaid Circus class, too, or you have a sympathetic creative mind and actually understand that freshwater mermies could not survive in the saltwater of the ocean.

Visit the Mermaid Circus with the Ocean Express Submarine:

Mermaid Submarine by Tamdoll

Come One, Come All! Freshwater Mermaids, board the Ocean Express

Once I finished, I realized I hadn’t worked much at all with the mermaids themselves, so I’m ready to move onto lesson 7 and see what’s up next. Only a few more weeks –  I have 2 more lessons to complete – I am determined to get it done!

Originally, I was going to blog about knitting projects. Then I was going to blog about some vintage dresses I want to sell on ebay. So – now you know what’s coming later this week! It seems the more I need to get done, the more I manage to squeeze into the day. 

Mermaid Circus

Overcoming Fear of Doing Something New

Fear held up my progress in lessons these past few weeks. In Lesson 2, there was a segment on painting a face and I skipped it. I knew there were other ways to finish my picture, so I went ahead without the paint. Then came Lesson 4. I couldn’t avoid it this time. Happening to come across a sale on paints while out shopping one day made the decision to try this a little easier.

tamdoll finished upturned face moving away from fear

Final Upturned Face – Paint and Pencil

I procrastinated so much today until I stopped myself & decided that I couldn’t put off the inevitable – I finally sat down to work through the lesson & asked something that usually gets me through a tough spot – “What’s the worst than can happen?” That’s when I realized that the worst thing would be to have a horrible picture & about $20 in supplies that I may never use again. Things started to seem a little easier. Like I didn’t have too much to lose.

tamdoll mermaid part 1 upturned face

Sketch for Upturned Face

I almost stopped after just drawing the face – I wasn’t thrilled with it, but if I spent more time to draw another, I would never have gotten to the paint – it was just another excuse. I don’t know why I had such an aversion to trying it – fear of something new was the only thing I could think of. At this point I started looking at it like a challenge – I couldn’t let this get the best of me.

tamdoll painted upturned face moving away from fear

Final Upturned Face – Paint

When I was done, I breathed a sigh of relief and said “I’m done, now I never have to do that again.” But wait! It wasn’t so bad! I didn’t like this face so much – not the lips, or the shading – so yes, I will have to do it again. And each time I do, it will get better and easier. And my stash of paint won’t have to go to waste.

I may even start to like it.

I realized it’s been a very long time since I tried something new and out of my comfort zone.

Next time you have to do something you may be afraid of trying, ask yourself “What’s the worst than can happen?” When you realize that there’s nothing really to fear, accomplishing new things can be an adventure. (Unless you’re sky diving, or training lions or something like that.) Someone told me this over 20 years ago when I was just starting out in the corporate world and it has worked for me since – from facing an auditorium full of people when I had to give a presentation, to teaching classes and volunteer opportunities. Who knew I’d be using the same advice for something personal and creative?

Mermaid Circus class

Mermaid Circus Journaling Pages

Working slowly but surely in the Mermaid Circus class. This is page 2 for me on the Journaling pages – first layer of collage, you can see the nice orange colored background – my scanner loses the color in subsequent photos:
tamdoll Mermaid Circus Journaling Page 2

Adding a few more elements to the collage:
tamdoll Mermaid Circus Journaling Page 2 adding more collage

Final page (took another photograph to show the true colors):
tamdoll Mermaid Circus Journal page 2 complete

I take a leap of faith when I put pen to paper, trusting that my hand will be steady & my lettering will all fit as go along. I don’t plan more than writing on a scrap of paper beforehand – laying out approximately where I want things to go. It’s exciting to see how it emerges on the paper!


Mermaid Circus class